Top 5 Tips For Mobile Marketing & A Bigger Footprint

Top 5 Tips For Mobile Marketing & A Bigger Footprint

Mobile marketing is where it’s at right now on the internet.  Every company with a product or service to offer wants to get to the potential customer first and they’re hearing that reaching them on their smart-phone is the way to do it.

They’re right about it too; mobile-marketing-focused campaigns reach people quicker and more consistently then campaigns based on desktop PC’s, laptops or even tablets. It probably won’t always be that way but the reality is that for now, it is.  It’s estimated that sometime this year more than half of all web searches will be via a mobile device of some sort.

Some of them will be from tablets (which qualify as ‘mobile’ devices) but the majority of those searches will be from people via their smart phones.  They’ll be looking for someplace to have lunch, a certain bicycle repair shop, an attorney’s office or perhaps even a certain night club.

Always Staying Connected

Today’s mobile, stressed out consumer is always on-the-go, digitally oriented, always connected and most of them even sleep next to their smart phone. They live ‘in the moment’ and don’t plan very far ahead.  But when they do want information they want it fast and in bite-sized, easy to digest bits.

That means that your marketing campaigns need to be mobile optimized with every element of your sales funnel being mobile-compatible and mobile- optimized. So what are some key points to keep in mind as you try to design this mobile optimized, infinite-loop marketing system?

Here’s 5 basics to keep in mind (in no particular order):

  1. Automate as much as you can – Use syndication, auto-posting, curation and outsourcing to get as much leverage as possible.  All your content doesn’t have to be original but it all needs to be good.  With outsourcing especially, and closely monitor your quality.
  2. Target as carefully as you can – Keyword research is always in order.  Even though Google is recently very much attuned into social metrics, you still should remember that people read words.  The words you use in your content are important and have a direct correlation to your search engine position and thus the traffic you get.  And the words you use also have a lot to do with how much of your content people actually read and share with others.
  3. Emphasize graphic messages as much as you can – A picture is truly worth a thousand words….or at least several hundred  words.  Even the mighty Facebook’s recently launched Timeline feature was specifically designed to favor images over words and obviously Google had a reason for buying YouTube.  Point….use pictures and videos as much as possible.  Luckily both are perfect for mobile display systems and today’s consumer lifestyle.
  4. Be as social (i.e. ‘viral’) as you can – Reach out with original, socially oriented, locally oriented content as much as possible.  Use web technology to build relationships and find out what your potential consumers want and are thinking.  Consumers know they have choices and they’re most likely to shop with stores, vendors and brands that they feel they know and ‘like’.
  5. Be consistent – However you can do it, be consistent in your web presence.  It takes people a while to feel comfortable with you but it’s worth it.

These tips are by no means everything…or even anything you need to know in detail.  Internet marketing is a constantly evolving, competitive battle among vendors for the consumer’s attention and cash.  The good news is that most of the competitors in the field don’t have the time or patience to learn how to do any of these things correctly.