Top 3 Ways to Increase Visitor/Customer Opinion

Top 3 Ways to Increase Visitor & Customer OpinionData and analytics provide some insights about what the customers wanted in a certain business.  However, there may be times that business owners are also willing to listen directly to the feedbacks or opinions from their valued customers. This is a better way to improve the quality of their business because the improvements are directly user related and not meant for profit.

Surveys For User Feedback

Surveys are the best methods to get feedback from the customers.  They provide so many advantages such as easy to send out, easy to analyze, scale very well and easy to set up. With all these benefits, most businesses will primarily have this method to collect feedback.  Now there are 2 basic approaches to surveys.

  • Long surveys – after creating questions, the link is sent out to the customer list including the Twitter followers or anybody else.  Just give several days then check back if there are some feedbacks already.
  • Short surveys – this method does not recommend giving full-blown survey directly to the visitors. If you wanted to include survey on your site, have only one to two questions that are totally relevant to a page that it is being displayed on.  This is the way that you can receive better feedback from them.

On the other hand, you still have to be careful in using surveys too much. Once these surveys are used exclusively, the result is that you will no longer have the chance to comprehend deeper into certain reasons behind the feedbacks you receive.  It would be better if you utilize them at the starting point.

Feedback Boxes

Having a structured process in receiving feedback from the customers is a must.  Customers also think or suggest ways to improve your business.  Some parts of your website may not provide them what the customers are searching for or they might have discovered something irrelevant. Oftentimes, they do not reach out to the support team. It only happens for serious problems. For minor issues, the customers will simply give up and walk away with slight frustration.  Feedback form or feedback boxes may catch the real problem once you ask any related questions at the most appropriate time.

For small issues or problems in your company service, you should allow some feedback boxes to let them feel that you are open to their opinion and willing to resolve those issues.

Reach Out Directly

Using emails or surveys may miss out some of the contextual information. The customers have some reasons why they are doing things. You should know the corresponding solutions for their reasons and frustrations. If you never tried to talk or reach out to them directly, you will never learn from them and fix the main problem.

When you allow customer feedback in your business, it will let you understand the reason behind what other people are doing as well as their personal set of standards in choosing for products or services.  The customer’s opinion also serves as solutions to fix some problems and go after better opportunities.

  • What kind of questions do you think surveys are best for answering? Should I be asking my readers what they think of the site in general or should I be specific and ask very narrow yes/no type questions? I think getting feedback is a great idea but I also want to make sure my effort is focused and useful.