Maximizing Your Potential Profits without Google Reliance

Maximizing Your Potential Profits without Google RelianceRanking chosen keywords definitely involves putting much effort up front without a guarantee of reward and ranking. In the event that you have attained the reward and the ranking, still there is no guarantee that the situation will last. If you expect higher value from visitors, you can start by making them customers and turning them from short term to long term customers, any business will be less vulnerable to Google’s whims and the ranking won’t fluctuate. You do not need to focus on acquiring new visitors because there is a great deal of value in optimizing the whole marketing chain.

Improving On Your Current Customer Base

It definitely comes down to the cost. Based on Harvard study published few years ago, it can cost 5 times as much for you to acquire new customers than keeping a customer happy. The amount may depend on whether it costs 5 times as much, 3 times or 7, it all depends on what your current cost structure is.

On the other hand, the concept is very essential for those search engine marketers because it is reasonable in assuming that cost of the acquiring customers through keyword targeting is increasing as Google is making the process of the keyword targeting much more expensive than in the past.

This trend is definitely set to continue. If the cost of the customer’s acquisition is increasing, it makes sense in looking to optimize the offer, conversion rates as well as optimizing the said value of the existing customers.

The Basic Principle’s Still Count

Underlying fundamentals are also playing a vital role in increasing your profit and return on investment. In the event that you have something that many people need, then the competition might not matter as much as a small niche market. Typically, it does not cost much in landing those customers. They will be coming to you, provided you’ve maintained current SEO standards for somewhat decent SERP’s (Search Engine Rank Position).

The only problem is that most of the businesses nowadays do not enjoy this demand. They should compete with the other businesses that also offer similar services and products and compete based on consumer interests, prices, quality, etc.

If there’s a scarcity issue, it is definitely a scarcity issue based on the customer amount and not the product, as well as service providers, only direct user feedback can tell you otherwise. On the other hand, by means of focusing on a particular niche, the businesses can definitely eliminate much of their competition by means of reducing marketing costs and allowing it to affect product prices. The cost of marketing in broad market can indeed be higher as the level of competition on search results pages grows, as well as quality of the leads.

Conversion Optimization

This is a tactic used to maximize your profit. It outlines how to structure pages in order to improve the conversion rates. It can optimize long term value for the customers and company by means of making time sensitive offers. This can turn a short term client to a long term client through some incentives. Lastly, you need to optimize everything from homepage content to the product descriptions and website load speed.

The benefit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been proven time and again, giving small and large business the satisfaction of a large visitor base and gaining their goals. If your site appears in search result pages above your competition, then you have an edge on your other competitors. Knowing the things that you need to do and things to be avoided will definitely help you in achieving your goals.

  • I agree, over-reliance on Google can lead to unexpected results – you never know what might happen the next time they decide to revamp their algorithms! I’ve tried to focus on slowly improving my SEO to gain new users. It is a slow process and sometimes tedious but I have finally started to see an increase in metrics. Great article!