5 Simple Ways to Humanize Your Business Brand

5 Simple Ways to Humanize Your Business BrandToday, more than ever, all kinds and sizes of companies are very concerned about the brand image they put forward for their business. For the average new business the challenge isn’t just to create a brand that is recognizable all over the world. It’s to make a brand that is human, a brand that hits home with buyers and converts them into champions of your brand. Here are five simple ways to help you humanize your business brand.

1. Don’t be too proud to admit when a mistake is made.

People make mistakes all the time just be honest enough to own up to them. That is not to say that mistakes should not be taken seriously, but no one expects you to be perfect. After all, it’s how you respond to your mistakes that matters! Just admit it, apologize and move on to correct the problem. Be sincere, and don’t lay the blame anywhere except on yourself. Folks can move on quicker than you would think, and if you show responsibility customers will see your company as one that really cares about how their customers feel.

2. Don’t sign emails with the company name, always use your own name.

A “company” cannot send an email, but a person at your company can send one. For example, does your signature come off like an email promotion with the company name and a tag line? Try using your real name in your email signature, along with your role in the company, and perhaps even a little headshot to add a touch of your personality.

3. Be genuine, don’t fake your sincerity.

We’ve all seen marketing campaigns trying to promote their brands with “real” customers. A great example is how drug company  commercials show people explaining why this or that drug has changes their life, lowered their blood pressure or made their breathing easier. Most viewers recognize that these people are actors so the testimonials in these commercials don’t really carry any weight.

4. Add some humor to your content.

It’s easy for business-to-consumer companies to add  humorous material! Everyone loves a funny story or a good joke. This suggestion is particularly useful if your company happens to be in niche that people might consider to be a little “boring.”

5. Make sure your customers know you appreciate their business.

Try to resolve customer concerns and issues as quickly as possible, and remember to express appreciation for your customer’s business loyalty. As long as you engage the customer and create a positive experience for them, they will keep coming back.

Humanizing your brand is fantastically powerful and something that should not be discounted.  If you fail to build bridges through social networks and other social channels you will miss opportunities to gain new customers and grow your business. To this end, you should do everything you can to humanize your brand.