Can Blog Comments Negatively Impact Your SEO?

Blog Commenting

Getting comments on your blog is a huge part of blogging, but the other day I had to think “do blog comments help or hurt us?” I’ve had a few comments recently that were without faces that made me think that they were spam. I had not heard of the websites they were advertising, and the only thing they had on their sites were a sales page. So, can blog these spammy comments negatively impact SEO?

They Can Hurt You

The short answer is, yes they can. If you have dofollow enabled for your comments and you are recieving a ton of comments from spammers, or even reputable people; You’re going to be sending a lot of link juice to these sources. After linking to a bunch of spammy or worthless sites you’re reputation of your own website is going to drop.

Still, this is only if you allow things to be “free for all”. Meaning that there is no moderation of comments that go up. So, the simple solution for preventing yourself from losing rank or reputation is to moderate the comments that go out. As long as you are moderating the links that are going up, and they go to quality sources then you should be fine.

Is It Okay to Comment on Dofollow Blogs?

Since it is so easy for someone to create comments now, because of tools like scrapebox; Google has decided not to value dofollow blog comments as much as they used to. Because of it being so easy to create a bunch of bad links to competitors Google wants to make sure that your site isn’t hurt in some way. You can still comment on dofollow blogs, but you should know that since there isn’t a huge amount of them; They usually get a ton of comments and link juice is divided between those comments. So, you might not even get the link juice that you think you’re!

So, blog comments can negatively impact your SEO. But its all about being careful and moderating the links that go up on your blog. To keep it simple, don’t let the spammers through! Anyway, what do you think?